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RSLogix 5000 Opens Very Slow

March 30, 2012

If you are not using FactoryTalk Activation

  1. Make sure that FactoryTalk Activation Manager is not installed
  2. Rocksoft.ini
    • Open file /Windows/Rocksoft.ini in notepad
    • Remove the lines CHECKDRIVES=C and KEYDISK=FALSE.

      Path=C:\Program Files\Rockwell Software,C:\Program Files\Rockwell Software\RSCommon
      RSLinx=C:\Program Files\Rockwell Software\RSLinx\RSLinx.exe

  3. Environment Variables
    • Right click on My Computer
    • Click on Properties
    • Select the Advanced tab
    • Click Environment Variables
    • Under User Variables click New
    • Add CHECKDRIVES with a value of C and KEYDISK with a value of FALSE

If you are using FactoryTalk Activation

  1. Go to Control Panel => Internet Options => Advanced
  2. Uncheck Both
    • Check for publisher’s certificate revocation
    • Check for server certificate revocation

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